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Certified Safety Films will upgrade existing glass in situ to reinforce glass and where breakage occurs to keep dangerous shards in place. This enables you to conform to the current glazing regulations and provide safety protection to occupants. If you don’t want to change the appearance of your building this can be achieved using totally clear safety film however we can also provide shaded or mirrored solar control options to cut down glare and reduce solar heat at the same time.

It is a legal requirement for all critical areas of glass in buildings to be both safe and visible.

Areas of risk (critical locations from BS6206 part 4) must be protected against breakage and be appropriately marked to make apparent.

By installing 100 or 200 micron, clear or mirrored safety film of a tested and certified material and method Northern Tints will upgrade the existing glass to achieve the required safety impact standard BS EN 12600 2b2.

Large uninterrupted areas of transparent glazing must also be marked with visible patterns: manifestations to satisfy K5.2 (Approved document K – Protection from falling, collision and impact)

Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 – Regulation 14 Windows and transparent doors, gates and walls & Regulation 7 Temperature in indoor workplaces

Building Regulations 2010: Protection from falling, collision and impact: Approved Document K


Window tints can provide enhanced security in two ways:

  1. Shaded, mirrored and frosted window film can hide valuable items and expensive equipment such as computers from view of prying eyes & opportunist thieves.
  2. Certified Safety & Security Films provide a much-needed deterrent to vandals and thieves. Even after being smashed security film will help hold panes in place delaying access to burglars & vandals at one of the weakest points of a building.

In this way incidents of ‘Smash & Grab’ thefts can be reduced or prevented.

We have fitted safety/security film to both businesses such as the Yorkshire Bank branch below and residential properties (especially to windows which are out of public sight and therefore more vulnerable to burglary).


These photos show clear safety film applied to conservatories or bi-fold doors of a house providing additional security for the homeowners and their children.

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