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Glazing Manifestation Regulations:

Manifestations can be decorative and allow compliance with building glazing safety regulations that critical and large areas of glazing must be visible.

It is a legal requirement for all critical areas of glass in buildings to be both safe and visible.

Areas of risk (critical locations from BS6206 part 4) must be protected against breakage and be appropriately marked to make apparent.

Large uninterrupted areas of transparent glazing must be marked with visible patterns: manifestations to satisfy K5.2 (Approved document K – Protection from falling, collision and impact)

Glass entrance doors and glazed screens will satisfy Requirement K5.2 if:

1. they are clearly defined with manifestation on the glass at two levels, 850 to 1000mm and 1400 to 1600mm above the floor, contrasting visually with the background seen through the glass (both from inside and outside) in all lighting conditions.

2. Manifestation takes the form of a logo or sign atleast 150mm high (repeated if on a glazed screen) or a decorative feature such as broken lines or continuous bands, atleast 50mm high.

Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 – Regulation 14 windows and transparent or translucent doors, gates and walls

Building Regulations 2010: Protection from falling, collision and impact: Approved Document K


We can also supply and install printed window graphics, and signs for shop fronts, offices etc…


Frosted Manifestations:

In a school environment, frosted manifestations printed onto clear safety film, strengthens door and window glass, ensures your school complies with safety regulations and prevents injury to pupils and staff.

Our frosted manifestations are bonded to the glass in a way which prevents pupils being able to peel off the manifestations.

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